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Acknowledgements & Dedication

Alphabetical Listing of Music

Introduction to Dulcimer Muse

About the Tunings and More

My Left-Hand Technique:

The Partnership Dance of the Ring Finger and Thumb

About Chord Shapes

Basic Barre Chord Shape
Barre-and-Thumb Chord Shape
Diagonal Chord Shape and Tripod Chord Shape

Long Diagonal Chord Shape Pinch Chord Shape Inversion Chord Shapes

About Ornamentation: Slides, Pull-Offs and Hammers

The Slide (SL)
The Pull-Off (P)
The Hammer (H)

Combination Ornaments

My Right-Hand Technique for Fingerpicking & Strumming

About Fills
About Harp Strokes
About Strumming

Tips for Singing with the Mountain Dulcimer

Muse-ical Tune & Song Notes

About the Author

Tunes & Songs from Far-Flung Times & Places Alphabetical Listing of Music

Apples of Avalon

Archibald McDonald of Keppoch

Ave Luna (Prayer  to the New Moon)

Avenging and Bright

 Before the Snow

The Blarney Pilgrim

Branle des Village

Breton Dances

Briget O’Malley (Brid Óg Ní Mháille)

The Butterfly

Carolan’s Welcome

Chanter’s Tune

Cider Song (Son ar Chistr)

Dunmore Lasses

Give Me Your Hand (Tabhair dom do Lámh)

Fhír a’ Bhàta (The Boatman)

Into the Garden

J’ai vu le Loup, Le Renard et la Belette

Kemp’s Jig

King of the Faeries

Le Branle des Chevaux

Leaving Rhu Vaternish

Loch Lovan Castle

Majorcan Dance

The Orange Rogue

Planxty Irwin

Romp of the Canyon Kitties

Sheebeg and Sheemore

Song of Brigid (Gabhaim molta Brigid)

The Song of Wandering Aengus



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