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"Moongiver" by Cedar Kindy (c) 1985

This is not the final cover graphics.

Hello Friends,


I am excited to announce that after much consideration, I will be recording a new CD beginning in early 2020! The recording will be comprised of original and traditional folk songs, chants, and instrumental pieces celebrating the embodied power of women, goddesses, and the seasonal cycle of the Earth Mother. I will be recording some of my own original songs and chants, as well as several by other wonderful song and chant writers who have inspired me. I am excited to have musical settings for the chants in African, Middle Eastern, and Celtic rhythms.


As with most of my previous recordings, I am self-produced, which means that I don’t have a mainstream record label to pay for production. This is why I’m reaching out to you. You and your friends can make this CD come to life by pre-ordering your copy(s), and if you are able, please make an additional donation of any amount toward the expenses of creating this recording. If you are able to donate $500 or more to "Sponsor A Song", you will receive special acknowledgement on the CD packaging. Pre-orders alone won't pay for this project unless almost 1000 people pre-order one CD, so I deeply thank you for the additional financial support. 

At this time in my life in my elder years, and with the political climate being what it is, I am constantly focused on legacy, and what it means to leave a path for those who will come after seeking music and song that affirms the sacred through the magic of sounds and words. To those singers, musicians, and mentors who made the path easier for me, I give my love and gratitude to be standing on your shoulders. May my contribution inspire your own.

Dedicated to the memories of these wise and wild loved ones who have passed on – Sparky T. Rabbit, Brigit Silverbranch, Nora Cedarwind, Kay Gardner, Helen Farias, and Patricia Monaghan.

.                                   In Her Service,

                                            Ruth Barrett


Costs for production has risen since my last full recording in 2008 with Garden of Mysteries. My 2011 CD, Songs of the Otherworld, was not as expensive, as it was comprised of half new songs and others that had been previously released on other recordings of mine. I need to raise a minimum of $14,000 to pay for studio time, musician fees, cover art and design, royalties for song use, manufacturing, and travel costs.  Due to pre-orders and donations large and small  I only need $2000 more to meet my goal!  Will you help me create this CD? You can still pre-orders your copy(s), posters,  and make a donation for the next three months, but sooner is better if you are able.   I will be using 100% recycled materials for the 4-panel wallet packaging. None of the monies raised will be used for anything other than creating this CD (and nothing for me personally). I will be doing the majority of recording in Los Angeles, and also in Michigan. There will be eleven talented musicians contributing to this recording from the far corners of the United States, including Rachel Alexander and Pele Yemaja, with whom I have had the joy of making music with since moving to Michigan. I am feeling so blessed to have Janet “Cedar” Kindy’s stunning painting, “Moongiver” to grace the cover! My goal is to release the CD by early Summer 2020 in time for festival season. 

Bless you and thank you so much for your support of my music! It's going to be a beautiful project!

~ Ruth Barrett

photo by Ursula Hoppe Photography

NEW FUNDRAISER! Purchase an 11x17 poster for $20 (includes shipping and MI sales tax). Premium matte finish with brown side borders. Folks that make a $100 donation, receive this poster as a Thank You!

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For those of you who prefer digital downloads – once the CD is released, I will be posting a link on my website to where you can download the album. I am unable to pre-sell the digital version, so please consider purchasing the physical CD.



I Summon Her, Prayer to Brigid, I Enter In Love, Brigid Upon the Highlands, Holy Maiden Huntress, Brigid, Red Gold Woman, Spring Song, Breton Dances, Whole Unto Myself, Holy Door, Woman’s Blood, Queen of the Starry Night, The Star, Packington’s Pound, Diana’s Call, Once and Future Amazons, Scythe To The Grain/Fear Not The Dark, Back To The Bones, Rozhanitza, Hag of Winter, Mother, Listen, Before the Snow, We've Already Begun.


While fundraising platforms like Kickstarter and Indigogo are wonderful in helping people fundraise for projects, they also take a larger percentage of what is raised than I feel comfortable with. I would have to raise even more money to pay the cost of using their platforms. Therefore, I am going to endeavor to raise the monies through PayPal (they charge 2.9% which is less than the others) or personal checks.  Your copy(s) will be mailed directly to you! The cost for each CD is $15, and will include shipping within the United States and MI sales tax, making each copy at total of $20.90. For purchases to either the UK or Australia the total is $30.15 per CD. 

Use the PayPal links to purchase your copy(s) and to make an additional donation to the project expenses. If you encounter a problem with PayPal, use the email address to place the order.

If you are mailing a check: Please make it payable to Dancing Tree Music, and mail to P.O. Box 709, Mason, MI 48819.



Besides ordering your own copy(s) in advance, please spread the word via email and other social media tools you use. This is a grassroots fundraising campaign, so word or mouth is great too! Thank you for any and all efforts toward making this project real!

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