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Once And Future Amazons

Listener Reviews

I am so delighted that my new CD is being widely enjoyed!

Thank you! Here are a few reviews that listeners have kindly sent to me!

“A transcendent sweeping triumph! Ruth Barrett reaches her apogee with this album.  She has cast a spell to heal us - from the rhythms of the earth spinning out to soaring scintillating stardust.  Wow, just wow.” - C K

“Unbelievably fabulous! Grief at what we’ve lost, anger at what’s been taken from us, then a vision of what can be again and how to get there. Life cycles and earth cycles interwoven and mirroring each other. Goddess’s prize pupil, You Who Have Answered With Your Life, thank you.”

- EM


"Ruth Barrett’s newest release, Once and Future Amazons, takes you on a journey to ancient Amazon times!  The lyrics and the instrumentation is “otherworld,” dynamic and mysteriously beautiful!  The vocal blends  are deeply powerful and magical calling the listener into pride, action, and self love.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Thank you Ruth Rhiannon Barrett for sharing your Amazon ways and vision with our world! - SG

“Your cd came today.  S and I are bathing ourselves in its beauty. There are so many things about this cd that resonate deeply. My soul is comforted and all anxiety melts away as I meander the sounds and images of the wheel of the year, now, past and forever.  Ruth, the Crone, shines the light on thIs path.  A lifetime of Goddess presence in a world that doesn’t know they need her. Thank you for birthing these deeply spiritual and necessary teachings.” - KC


“Her new CD is exquisite.  Get your fingers clicking and order your CD or downloadable version.  I am already working on wearing mine out.” - NH


“Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing! I have loved your music since I first heard "Parthenogenesis." I think this is my new favorite. Thank you for sharing your Divine Gift.” - LC

“Once And Future Amazons simply shimmers with Light, Love and sheer Wonder. You and an inspired collection of music and musicians have created magic together. BRAVA!!!!!"- MH

“You have truly accomplished a most amazing work of magic. I've been listening to 'Once and Future Amazons' every time I drive in my car... it's my serene alone time. The first couple of times I listened all the way through your felt, as a beckoning… to enter an enchanted world. Now, each time I listen...the familiarity of every song resonates deeply within me… as I find I now dwell within the enchantment… your wondrous songs have grown upon me… like blossoms on a flowering tree…” - DB

“Thanks for the amazing cd.  I had the opportunity to listen really closely in my camper last night, and it is incredibly beautiful.  I happen to be in the park where we harvested the wood for our wands, so that made it even more special. The perfect time to birth such beauty into the world!” - SG

“I cannot stop listening to your amazing new CD, “Once and Future Amazons” . Thank you ,Ruth Barrett for sharing your gift of song with us.” - BP


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