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Ancient Hebrew Divination Magic

By Elisheva Nesher


With foreword by Diana L. Paxon

Author of Taking Up the Runes


“In Casting Lots, Elisheva Nesher does not just present the system of using the aleph-beit to cast lots for spiritual guidance and wisdom, she also shows the range of divine beings and spiritual practices in ancient Canaan/Israel, as well as the modern polytheist revival. There is a warmth and generosity here towards all sides that we all can learn from.” —Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom and A Walk Through the Forest of Souls

CASTING LOTS - Ancient Hebrew Divination Magic

  • 224 pages,  Publication date Nov. 2022

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    Elisheva Nesher is a full-time teacher, speaker, spiritual mentor, seer, and consultant to Pagan and other alternative spirituality groups. She has been a spiritual teacher since the 1990s, and is the elected leader of Am Ha Aretz (Primitive Hebrew Assembly), an Israeli Earth/Nature and peaceful warrior tradition. Her academic background includes archeology studies in Tel Aviv. Nesher is originally from the Galilee. She maintained a private psychotherapy and consulting practice until 2017.

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