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Ruth's 2020 Recording

“A transcendent sweeping triumph! Ruth Barrett reaches her apogee with this album.  She has cast a spell to heal us - from the rhythms of the earth spinning out to soaring scintillating stardust.  Wow, just wow.” - C K


"Moongiver" by Cedar Kindy (c) 1985

Once and Future Amazons  is a powerful celebration of women’s embodied mysteries, ancient sovereign goddesses, and the seasonal cycle of Mother Nature.  The arrangements incorporate African, Middle Eastern and Celtic folk rhythms, with original and traditional folk songs, chants, and instrumentals.  Some of the pieces were written by friends and pagan elders who have since passed.  

The recording is 1 hour and 10 minutes in length.



TO ORDER YOUR DIGITAL DOWNLOADS:  You can order this CD digitally through your favorite digital companies - Amazon, Apple Music,  iTunes, etc.

Please consider purchasing the entire album as it is sequenced for an experience. 


I would deeply appreciate it if you enjoy the CD, to let your friends, family, and communities know about it so they can purchase their own. The project did end up costing significantly more than I had originally budgeted for, so with your support to spread the word, this will help me pay for the remaining expenses. Thank you!


Dear Friends and Supporters,

I'm feeling so thrilled and proud to announce the release of my new CD, ONCE AND FUTURE AMAZONS. This recording is a powerful celebration of women’s embodied mysteries, ancient sovereign goddesses, and the seasonal cycle of Mother Nature.  The arrangements incorporate African, Middle Eastern and Celtic folk rhythms, with original and traditional folk songs and chants.  Some of the pieces were written by friends and pagan elders who have passed.  


From my decision to go forward with this recording in July 2019, the process was kissed and held by magic. I committed myself to experiencing the joy of the creative process from the album’s concept and instrumentation, to the recording sessions.  I give my thanks to my long time co-producer and engineer, Scott Fraser, who worked endlessly to bring you the best sound quality and brilliant mixing for each of the 23 pieces. 

 It was especially joyful to record again with my daughter Amanda, and my two brothers, Joel and Daniel. Playing folk music together was always an important part of family life growing up, bringing us together in ways that only music can. I am deeply thankful to Pele, Jenn, Shawna, Samantha, Jacqueline, Edward, Rachel, Falcon, and Doug for bringing their sensitive musical talents to this project. I am thankful to recording engineer Corey DeRusha for our creative Lansing sessions, Cedar Kindy for giving me permission to use her iconic painting “Moonspinner” for the cover, Ursula Hoppe for photographing me as “Crone Amazon,” and to Rick Whitmore for pure artistic genius in the graphics design.


Although I have loved every recording project I have done, for me this new recording I consider to be my best work. I think it has a lot to do with being a crone now in my elder years, and I have had to weather many storms to arrive at this wonderful moment. I’m feeling deep gratitude for my relationship with Goddess and Her poetic muse who has been with me for so long. I am so thankful to all of the people who pre-ordered copies and made donations, large and small, so this project could be made. As an independent artist, I could not have made it otherwise.


It is a fascinating time to be releasing this project.  I could not have anticipated doing so during a global pandemic and the massive response to the murder of George Floyd. Yet here we are in history with hopes and actions demanding justice, and ultimately a new world of peace. I am willing that this music will help feed this cultural transformation, bring power, magic, and beauty to those who listen carefully. In your first listening, I invite you to take the time without distractions, and take the journey into worlds within worlds, and emerge deepened. 


Ruth Barrett

For notes and lyrics click here 


Dedication to my mother, Florence Bienenfeld, and to the memories of these wise and wild loved ones – Sparky T. Rabbit, Brigit Silverbranch, Nora Cedarwind, Kay Gardner, Helen Farias, and Patricia Monaghan.

To those singers, musicians, and mentors who made the path easier for me, I give my love and gratitude to be standing on their shoulders. I believe their spirits live on in their music, inspiring a spiritual trail to follow. For those of you that seek music that affirms and fills your sense of the sacred through the magic of sounds and words, I leave my legacy to you.

Crone Amazons Poster -  Purchase an 11x17 poster for $20 (includes shipping and MI sales tax). Premium matte finish with brown side borders. 

Purchase this poster using the "DONATION" PayPal button. Make sure to include your mailing address.

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HOW ELSE YOU SUPPORT THIS MUSIC: Encourage your friends, loved ones, covens, communities to purchase copies. Write reviews and send them to me.

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