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A Dulcimer Harvest

"Consistently satisfying and interesting arrangements. A highlight for me is Cyntia's playing on Pavan by Luis Milan, the Lesson For Two Lutes, and Soleares, a traditional Flamenco form. Each of the three pieces is a technical tour de force and a clear demonstration of the musical capabilities of what was once thought to be a very limited instrument." 

~Dulcimer Players News

This album is Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith's first all-instrumental recording and features favorite selections from their first three releases, Aeolus, Music of the Rolling World, and Deepening) plus new traditional pieces and original compositions by Cyntia Smith.

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Leaving Ru Vaternish, Song of the Wandering Aengus, King of the Faeries, Three French Dances, I Live Not Where I Love, Lesson For Two Lutes, Dance of the Meadow Mice, The Orange Rogue, Dales Emerson Foye, Don Oiche Ud Im Bethil, Faerie's Love Song, Plaines of Waterloo, Pavan, Never Weather Beaten Saile, Grace's Dance/Charles Jefferson the Sailor, Planxty Irwin/Loch Lovan Castle, Chosen Country, Soleares, An Autumn Ride


Additional Review

"This is a stunning showcase for the incredible talents of these two dulcimer artists. Noteworthy is Cyntia Smith's composition Dales Emerson Foye, which features Daniel Bienenfeld on concertina and has one of the loveliest melodies I've ever heard. Cyntia's dulcimer arrangement of Soleares, adapted from traditional Flamenco, is spectacular. This recording is recommended for all audiences." 
~The Dulcimer Society of Northern Illinois


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