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" ... this recording will send you into another world. Playing more like a musical theater piece than a collection of songs, Parthenogenesis is a complete work from beginning to end with powerful songs you will want to play again and again until you have them all memorized ... a recording that honors women, the Goddess, and all She stands for, including the process of self-birthing. Self-birthing is clearly what Ruth has done in this deeply moving piece of musical work." 

~The Green Egg


Ruth Barrett's first solo recording, Parthenogenesis, is a stunning exploration of Goddess music. This recording won an INDIE Award from the National Association of Independent Record Distributors in the category of Women's music. Ruth is joined by musicians Kay Gardner, Cyntia Smith, Caroline Waters, Su Livingston and Scott Fraser.


This recording is dedicated to women throughout the world giving birth to themselves, and to She who brings about birth everywhere. Blessed be.


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Track Listing:

Parthenogenesis, Crone, Danu, Naiad, Kadistu (Holy Woman), Invocation to Free Woman, Sister's Eyes, Midsummers Madness/Rise Moon


More Reviews

"Ruth Barrett's new recording, Parthenogenesis, sent chills up my spine. It is the most powerful and woman-affirming album I've heard in years! Ruth Barrett is truly the musician/priestess to lead us through the 90's and into the next century. This is a must for anyone who believes in the political power of women's spirituality." 

~Kay Gardner, Composer and Author


"This is Goddess music, woman-identified and full of the wild, fully alive, transformative energies of a soul breaking free of slavery. Whether a lament, ballad, or call to power, these songs brim with emotion and fierce joy. Parthenogensis demands and deserves close listening; these are not catchy tunes, but rather illuminations of poetry with expressive music." 
~Heartsong Review


" ... astonishing voice and world-class dulcimer playing ... the subject matter is uncompromisingly woman-identified and 'My Sister's Eyes' is a gem. Ruth Barrett is an artist who can be counted on to deliver complex and beautiful music. Parthenogensis is a work of creativity and power." 
~Gay Community News


"Emotionally subtle, yet politically powerful, Parthenogenesis radically affirms women and attains a peaceful, vibrational fullness that can be characterized as a meditational reality. It is a captivating, affirming, and delightfully expansive recording." 
~New Directions for Women



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