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Recordings with Cyntia Smith
 With Felicity Artemis Flowers, Melena, and Scott Fraser
Discography of Recordings

Once And Future Amazons (2020), This recording is a powerful celebration of women’s embodied mysteries, ancient sovereign goddesses, and the seasonal cycle of Mother Nature.  The arrangements incorporate African, Middle Eastern and Celtic folk rhythms, with original and traditional folk songs and chants.  Some of the pieces were written by friends and pagan elders who have passed. 


Songs of the Otherworld (2011), is a collection of traditional and original ballads, songs, and instrumentals celebrating the faerie realm and Otherworld beings.

Garden of Mysteries (2008) features original and traditional folk music about encounters with mystery.

The Year Is A Dancing Woman (2003), is a two-volume CD of songs, chants, and invocations celebrating women, the Goddesses, and the cycles of Mother Nature.

Parthenogenesis (1990), won an INDIE award from the National Association of Independent Record Distributors in the category of Women’s Music.

Invocation To Free Women (1987) is a musical and poetic narrative unfolding the continuum of goddess spirituality.


Recordings with music collaborator Cyntia Smith:

     The Heart Is The Only Nation (1995)

     A Dulcimer Harvest (1991)

     Deepening (1984)

     The Early Years (1999) is a two CD compilation of Aeolus (1981) and Music Of The Rolling World (1982)



     Songs of Witchcraft & Magic (2007), Songs and Ballads compiled by The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle,

       Cornwall. "The Broomfield Hill" performed by Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith. 

     The Best of Pagan Song (2004), a collection of pagan classics includes, "Every Woman Born" by Ruth Barrett.

     Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Volume 2 (2003), Individual and Ensemble Selections, includes "Romp of the

       Canyon Kitties" composed by Ruth Barrett, and performed by Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith.

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