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Songs of the Otherworld

Traditional and Original Folk Songs, Ballads, and Instrumentals Celebrating the Faerie Realm and Otherworld Beings

"What a wonderful album. If you like magical music as much as I do you'll have to have this. Faerie songs, Arthurian songs, Celtic ballads “whispily and wonderfully woven in the chords of dulcimer and harp. I loved 'The Fairy Boy', 'Apples Avalon' and 'The Fairy Queen' especially, but the lovely and powerful renditions of the traditional 'Tam Lin' and 'Thomas the Rhymer' are every bit as good. Get this and drift away to the Otherworld.” 

– Review by John Matthews (Celtic scholar and author) who gave this CD 5 starts on Amazon


Ruth's dulcimer artistry and voice are joined by a variety of gifted musicians and singers: Amanda Barrett (voice, mandolin), Daniel Bienenfeld (concertina), Joel Bienenfeld (flute), Ellen Burr (flute), Abby DeWald (guitar), Marilyn Donadt (percussion), Scott Fraser (synthesizer), Richard Gee (guitar), Dianne Miller (voice), Miamon Miller (violins), Dan Ratkovich (tamburica bass), Cait Reed (violin and whistles), Cyntia Smith (fretted dulcimer, voice), Caroline Waters (voice, synthesizer), Edward Willett (cello), and Sylvia Woods (Celtic harp).

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"CD is absolutely Otherworld. Ethereal, mystical, mythical - you definitely are over the top -

I will be able to use the music in my worship time. Thank you so much, and as a lover of Celtic mysteries, you "take me there"! - Review by C.W. (Customer)


“Ruth Barrett’s latest CD, Songs of the Otherworld, takes us on a journey through other realms.”  -Review from Circle Network News


*The CD cover art was created by renowned photography artist Claudia Kunin.

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