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The Year is a Dancing Woman

Volume 2

Midsummer through Hallowmas

"This is Goddess music at its finest – the music that Ruth was born to create.

Grateful blessings to Ruth and to all the sisters who share their invaluable gifts with us in this incredible set!"

~Marisa Young, The Beltane Papers, A Journal of Women’s Mysteries, Issue 32, Spring, 2004

Music for Goddess Spirituality. Original chants by Ruth Barrett, Carolyn Hillyer, Sue McGowan, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Ani Williams, Holin Kennen, Lori Richards and Starhawk, plus songs from traditional folk sources celebrating the seasons. Featuring Warner Brothers recording artist Amanda Barrett of The Ditty Bops on vocals, with Dena Drotar, Diane Miller, and Kerry Noonan on chant chorus vocals, Harvest Brown and Holin Badger Shu-bad on percussion.


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Through All the World Below

We Are the Fire

Fire Chant


Holy Mother's Protecting Chain

Earth Mother


Go To the Very Edge

Grandmother Chant

We Are the Flow,


Spiral Is Turning

Revocation Chant

Seasonal Magick



It has been my delight to present this musical offering that includes so many pieces by some of my favorite composers. I am deeply thankful to the talented crew of priestess singers and percussionists who brought their creativity, passion, and love to this project. Having the opportunity to sing with my beautiful daughter, Amanda, was a particularly wondrous and precious experience.

I had many intentions in producing this recording. Foremost, to provide you, the listener, with an enjoyable musical journey around a Goddess- and woman-centered Wheel of the Year. Secondly, to share these wonderful chants in a form that both teaches them and offers some suggestions for group singing and harmonizing. Last, but not least, I hope that these chants, songs, and invocations will help to bring you into a deeper understanding and resonance with Her seasonal Mysteries as they overlap and correspond with the cycle of women's lives. I hope that these offerings will be well loved, sung, and find their way into your personal and group rituals throughout the year. - Ruth Barrett


Another Review

Ruth Barrett, The Year Is A Dancing Woman: Goddess Chants, Songs, and Invocations for the Wheel of the Year (Vol. 1 & 2)

    Vol. 1: Just what the title says. Chants make up about half of the CD, complemented by songs and both spoken and sung invocations. Many tracks are original compositions. Most tracks are a cappella while some are accompanied by percussion or dulcimer. The musical quality of this CD is lovely - Ruth Barrett has a melodic voice with a Joni Mitchell quality to it, and her ensemble creates beautiful harmonies, especially on tracks like "On That Day" and "Come Into Our Dream." Beautiful listening.

    Vol. 2: Above comments mostly also apply here, although there are no spoken pieces on this one. In this volume, "Labyrinth" and the Celtic-sounding "Hecate" are two standout songs composed by Ruth. Among the chants, I particularly like "Go to the Very Edge" and "Spiral is Turning"

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