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"A fascinating exploration of feminist sentiments and mystic emotional expression. The vocal sound is intense and deep, Ruth and Cyntia's voices blending and weaving through the mixture of contemporary and traditional tunes." 
~Dulcimer Players News


"Exquisite vocals and instrumentation. Their stories are imbued so strongly and deeply with life-force that they become part of great and ageless myth." 


This 1984 release features Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith's trademark arrangements of traditional British Isles songs and instruments, and songs of reverence for Nature. Included in this collection are songs honoring women of our past whose stories are seldom sung -- factory workers, healers, and lovers parted by war. Also included is Catherine Madsen's Allu Mari Mi Portati, a song tribute to women who chose freedom through death during the time of the Inquisition.

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Where Only Lovers Can Go, Deepening, Dance of the Meadow Mice, Chosen Country, The Doffing Mistress, Plains of Waterloo, Lord of the Dance, Imagine the World, song of the Wandering Aengus, The Orange Rogue, Allu Mari Mi Portati


fretted dulcimer, Renaissance percussion instruments, fiddle, guitar, cello, concertina, tamburica bass, txistu, flute and whistle.



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