Ruth Barrett with
Rachel Alexander and Pele Yemaya

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All performance photos on this page by MJ Stephenson. from OLF 2018

Wheel of the Year Concert Series

Since relocating to Michigan in 2017, in addition to her solo concerts, Ruth has been performing with local Lansing musicians Rachel Alexander and Pele Yemaya. In addition to performing at festivals, they produce seasonal concerts that celebrate the spirituality in the seasonal cycles of nature, goddess lore and women's magic, in both traditional and original music and song.  

Rachel Alexander has been part of the Lansing music community since 1986, when she founded the Lansing women's chorus Sistrum, which she directed for 15 years.  She began her exploration of the piano as soon as she could sit up on the piano bench next to her musician mother; her love affair with the cello dates from her teen years.  She is a collaborative performer and session musician; a song-writer, arranger, and transcriber; a musical dreamer. 

Pele Yemaya was formally trained in piano at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago Illinois from age 6-16. Beethoven soon became Boogie. She began her path with the drum with the 1st Drumsong Orchestra with Ubaka Hill at Michfest in 1993. For over two decades, Pele has studied with Ubaka Hill, Linda Thomas Jones, Edwina Lee Tyler, Fatu , Deb Mc Gee (Ase’), Paloma (Repercussions),  and Afia Walking Tree in Guinea. She has had the pleasure of being a part of The Drumsong Orchestra on Ubaka Hill’s CDs Dance the Spiral Dance and ShapeShifters. Pele enjoys hosting local drum circles for the empowerment of womyn.



 Join us for an entertaining and informative concert program of traditional Celtic and original folk music and lore, poetry and song, celebrating the holiday and season of Samhain (All Hallows Eve). Halloween, is the closing of the agricultural year of northern Europe. In earlier times and continuing today are customs of veneration of departed ancestors and beloved dead, remembering the victims of the witchcraft persecutions, divination for the New Year, and preparations for the arrival of Winter.


Celebrating the Goddesses of Winter


Join us for a magical evening program of seasonal Celtic and original folk music and lore, poetry and song celebrating the Goddesses of Winter. Winter Solstice marks the conception of the solar cycle inviting us to come into resonance with the rebirth of Spirit within the land and her people while the Earth rests and waits for renewal in its time. For our ancestors and still today, Solstice is a time of faith and hope, of drawing together in the darkness for comfort and support, to strengthen our inner light, and to vision together for a year of peace, healing, prosperity, and joy for all.


In Celebration of the Earth’s Renewal


You are invited to an evening concert of traditional and original seasonal folk music, song, and lore celebrating the faerie realm, love, and the return of the Spring goddess. The program features music from Brittany, Ireland, Israel, and Great Britain.


The arrival of the Spring Equinox marks the equal length of day and night and the onset of warmer weather, a time of earthly regeneration. You are invited to shake off the inner world of winter and to step fully outside into a renewed world.



Join us for an evening concert of traditional and original seasonal folk music and song celebrating May and Midsummer, the faerie realm, love, and goddesses of the season. The program features music from Brittany, Ireland, Israel, and Great Britain.

Music Samplings 
She Beg and She Moor
Black Sara
Lovers Of The Moon
A Shapeshifting Song
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